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Here are some resources to help you preserve your music and dance memories.

Library of Congress Sites

Preservation Directorate of the Library of Congress
A place to look for advice and publications on the care of books, photos, videos, and other media in your home collection.  Their publications can answer many questions about the care, handling and storage of your historical items.

Kansas Sites

Kansas State Historical Society: Preserving Your Collections
You can obtain four preservation packets from the Kansas State Historical Society. This site also contains links to other preservation information.
1-"Books and paper materials"
2-"Photographs and Motion Picture Films"
3-"Machine Readable Materials"
4-"Disaster Planning"

The Kansas Folklore Society
Promotes collection, archiving, study and celebration of folk traditions developed or existing in Kansas and the surrounding areas. The society is always looking for papers and presentations on folklore for their annual meeting, including an annual competition among students-submitted work.

National or Regional Organizations

Heritage Preservation
This is a national organization that works to ensure the preservation of America's collective heritage for present and future generations.  They offer programs and publications that provide advice and guidance on the proper care and maintenance of historic documents, books and archives, works of art, photographs, architecture, monuments, natural science specimens and historic objects and family heirlooms.

Digital Library Federation
The Digital Library Federation site offers information about developing digital collections and managing networked information for the benefit of scholarship, education, and cultural progress.

The Dance Heritage Coalition
The DHC is a national alliance of institutions holding significant collections of materials documenting the history of dance.  The DHC encourages individuals in four areas: access to materials, the continuing documentation of dance, preservation of existing documenation, and education within and beyond the field of dance.  Two resources are available online:
1-Beyond Memory.
2-Dance Archives: an introductory workshop.

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