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The Kansas State Fiddling and Picking Championships 1981-1990:

A Community Tradition


We would like to thank the following people for their assistance with this commemorative publication:

Liz Barnhill and the WORDOCTORS for many hours of word processing; Judith Gales, for editing; Cindy Zupon Levy, Brad Levy, and Sylvia Scoby for researching the names of past winners and the names of volunteers and contributors for the back cover; John Naughtin, for typesetting and layout; and Laurie Mackey, Mike Rundle, and Gloria Throne who all researched and wrote the articles within. We thank Kansas Key Press for its patience and efforts on our behalf. Thank you also to Katie Armitage, Jim Hoy, Joan Stone and Barbara Watkins for their encouragement to proceed with this project.

We lovingly dedicate this book to Gloria Throne. While many have contributed their time and resources, we can say that Gloria has done as much as anyone to keep KSF&PC going and to generally foster, encourage, organize, appreciate and support folk music and culture in our neck of the woods. In an attempt to indicate the impact Gloria has had one Lawrence musician put it more strongly, "If Bill Monroe is the father of bluegrass music, Gloria Throne must be the mother."

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